Senin, 28 April 2014

Shella Says Hell-o, Spring!

Thank God I finally have time to write this blog again <3
Did you miss me, ;) ?
So, being absent in, like, a week means,  that I’m, like, in a really hectic schedule. Quite busy with my clothing line as well as unstoppable classes’ schedule. Not to mention, I’m also pretty busy with Korean series I’m running: GOLDEN RAINBOW! Wohooo have you guys watched it? Jung Ill Wo is super cute! (?) *unfocus*
And so, you do know Harvard University has just welcomed spring right? Thus, I also choose spring-themed as my outfit today! I also choose boyish theme! But in truth, No matter what style I choose, I always end up looking boyish -_-

Anyways, I’m wearing flower-motive trousers from @ootdiindostore (on instagram), thank you so much! I feel blooming (?)
As for the closing statement, I’m so madly in love with Jeffrey Campbell slippers I’m wearing. Yet, my first thought when see it is deciding…. To see my wallet. LOOOOOLS (but deep down; I’m crying) 

H&M scarf, H&M denim coat, Unbrand Shirt, OOTDINDOSTORE trousers, JC shoes.

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