Kamis, 11 Desember 2014

Shella With Blue-Striped Blazer

Hey, hey, how are you all doing? So anyway, are you guys on ask.Fm? for those who are in, let’s do Q&A! Mine is shellaalaztha , oke? ;) for those who haven’t, OMG, you should be on it! It’s so fun, but basically it’s like twitter, but way more hype. If you’re curious and have thousands of questions, ask.fm is way more fun!

oh, I want to tell you something. So after my “Singapore escape”, I saw cute striped-blazer when I was in Bugis. There were pink and blue. I was so confuse that I decide to ask my sister and unhelpful brother (who ends up, you know, unhelpful). LOL. so I eventually decided to buy the blue one. And as for the inner, I wear Middi skirt! But since wearing skirt as “skirt” is so common, I decided it to wear it as inner top! And VOILAAAA! 
I don’t choose a lot of colors this time, it’s only white and blue. The purpose is simple so the main color won’t vade or outshined by other colors. And as for the hijab, don’t forget to wear ribbon hairband as signature style of “Shella” hihihii

Shella With An Oversized Yellow Shirt