Sabtu, 18 April 2015

Shella And The Flowercrown

It’s not girls if we never imagine and dress as if we’re Disney’s princesses! Sisters! Hahaha i also love dressing as if I were princess! This time, my outfit will be very simple: A long dress and soft-colored cardigan. Oh, and  I really love this dress for its turtleneck model. It just makes your hijab way neater especially if we deliberately choose a type of veil that might show our neck. So this little tips can be used for you girls who want to pick hijab style like mine! Do wear turtle neck shirt as your inside tops. I personally think this will make you much neater in compared to “inner ninja”.
Well, well, princesses, to complete your coronation, don’t forget your crown! And now…. I chose (another) floral theme: a flower crown! <3333

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Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Shella and The Denim ShortPants Purse

Hollaaa... take a look at my new purse! It’s super cute isn’t it? It looks just like denim shortpants!
I cannot wait to wear is as #OOTD! I actually kind of confused to pick my tops since it’s a neutral colored purse that looks exactly like a blue jeans. However, I eventually choose friendly colors that match the color of the purse which is…. blue! Turns out, when I dissect my wardrobe I have floral outer with blue and white colored nuance. Isn’t it just fabulous?