Minggu, 13 April 2014

Shella in A Striped Outfit

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .............

Some people say life has just to be simple and confident. This time, I would like to glorify the quote I mentioned before for my outfit. Most of people would usually combine daring motive with the simple one. Their argument relies on the idea “hey, let’s not make this outfit excessive, right” or simply said (in bahasa) ”gak usah bikin baju ini lebay ya”. Hahaha (laugh beautifully), this time I’m going to prove the otherwise! That’s totally wrong! Some excessive motive can be also be combined by the other excessive one. And it doesn’t look exaggerate. For instance, the full-striped one! Take a look! ;)

Just a little secret though. For those who feel their body, err, well, “broad” (like me, LOL) vertical-stripped motive will make you look slimmer <3
My top and panst is one of Dian Pelangi’s very own collection "Pop Batik". I pick up this one for its unique motive. Take a look at the unusual yet expensive looking cutting and especially the purpled-shadowy color. Another special part is the cutting on the pants. With extra cutting dangling on the ground and blown by the wind, It just makes me wanna say “Aaaahhhh aku ingin terbaaaang... Kehatimuuu (???)"

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