Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Shella Who's As Sweet As The Toblerone

Alhamdulillah... after two weeks of final test, i finally can touch my blog again *dusting*. So i actually kinda cofused telling the story beneath this picture, but  i'm going to start about the concept of this picture. i chose combination of the borkenwhite and brown intertwined, turns out, it's as sweet as toblerone (?)

in the set, i really wanted to take pictures with the swans, but well, you know, a fragile girl like me is impossible to take close pose with a living being besides boys (?) the swans just keep approaching me as if they wanted to smooch me, kyaaaaaaa i'm not prepared (?)

eventually, i find my favorite background! trees! hahaha trust me, girls, taking pictures in trees is highly recommended for ot can spotlight your outfit. and so, for the outfit itself, i chose plained brown with brokenwhite colored palazzo trousers. in order to look so simple, i add short-armed crochet with the same tone like the trousers,

sooo, how do y'all think?

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