Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Shella at USS


i finally have a chance to post my little escape to Singapore last week.. So, apparently, the only reason why i visited Singapore is because of the Singapore's Universal Studio that was craving for! hahaha

i arrived at friday night, then u straight went to apartment to collapsed. cause.... you know.... the trip was very exhausting. and the next day, when the sune rose (specifically at 9, LOL), i went straight to the "it" place by MRT (the thing that is going to be established in Jakarta soon, yay! does that mean we're also having Universal Studio in Jakarta? (?) ).

but to be honest, the one thing that compromised my beautiful escape was the heat. it was around 29 degrees celcius, but the heat.... dear God. even sunglasses didn't enough (and i didnt want to come back to jakarta by having stripes in my T-Zone :') ). hence, i decided to buy hat. guess what, i found  a hat marked letter "S" in front! it was so matched with the outfit of the day. is this what they call true love (?) wkwkwk

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