Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Shella in A Javanese Batik Dress

hello world, for this time i wanna show you about my outfit and hijab style for my big brotha wedding yesterday. And TADAAAAAA what do you think??

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  1. Hy kak Shella, nice to know that you've make a blog. So I can read about your outfit style. Btw I've been waiting your blog. I'm your fan, I like the way you mix and matching the stuffs. And finally you've got the blog so I can read about your outfit & hijab style more than I see on your instagram *curcol* hehehe :D

    About your outfit in this post, I fallin in love with your dress <3, it's so fit on you. The ribbon design on your back make it look more pretty. And I also like your hijab style, can you post your tutorial hijab for this party? ^^